ELEMENTS MLCX Grains Index Total Return

This ETN offered by the Swedish Export Credit Corporation is designed to track the MLCX Grains Index Total Return.

The ETN trades on the AMEX under the symbol GRU, and charges an expense fee of 0.75%.

Two New ELEMENTS ETNs Issued With A Focus on Grains Market

The Swedish Export Credit Corporation (SEK) has issued two new ETNs. The first ETN, which trades under the symbol FUE, tracks the MLCX Biofuels Index, which is made up of futures contracts on seven agricultural commodities used in biofuels production. The other ETN tracks the MLCX Grains Index under the symbol GRU.

Both of these notes can be used to play the biofuels market, since the MLCX Grains Index is made of futures contracts on 4 grains, with only one (wheat) not currently used in biofuel production.

Both of these notes have a annual fee of 0.75%, and have about $4 million in assets at the time they were listed.

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